End of school manszxc! :D

I'm back to blogging :D
Azaria so bad, say no blogger means no tagger):

I recieved back my result slip already, but ain't telling it here.
Today's last day of school! :D
But didn't manage to go to school with T4Es nor back home from school today):
Nvrm :D I think we will be meeting during th June holidays & with Justyn! :D
I can't wait lahr! [:

Slacked in class with Merlyn & Wanting :D They are so funny lahr! xD
Merlyn accused me for bullying :b
Will miss them during school holidays [:
okay, lessons during Bio lesson was so damn high with them.
Even tho Miss Lee kept on nagging at us :p
But she's a kind teacher lahr, no worries xD
Mr Foo is crazy! shhhh
He gave so much homework luhr! And he claims that its less.
He talked for like half and hour lohr, I'm so damn sleepy.
Life during English lessons are gna be suffering manszxc!
okay, must chiong homework already T-T

This post might be short, but at least I posted! >:D
& people, dunt shut up from tagging! :D

Ending post with;

Memories stays :D

Stupid faces of us xD

2oo7! :D
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