Exams finished![:

Yay! Exams are finished and I'm back updating!(:
Humans, dunt shut up from tagging! >:D
okay, exams sucks you know people?):

English paper o1 & o2.
Paper o1 is quite difficult): Must memorise the format which I hate the most!
Paper o2 is quite easy even though I think I wunt get high marks for it.
I'm not that over-confident like someone ya'know? HAHAHA!
Stopped meeting with T4Es starting from this day as we need to hurried home for revision.

Chinese paper o1 & o2.
okay, I'm quite good in chinese, therefore there's nthg I'm worried about :D
I spent one whole day memorising paper o1 notes like hell lehy! If I fail, can I just bang my head against the wall?
Paper o2, is kinda difficult, but I'm able to do it.
Heheh, I have no worries for chinese.
RECESSED, then socialstudies.
I memorised socialstudies even more than chinese paper o1 notes, so if I fail, just lemme jump off the building T.T

Mathematics paper o1.
Jump off the building lahr, stupid Mr.Mathes.
My paper is almost blank luhr, curse you.
Dang you mathes! I've given up on you already.
RECESSED, then Physics paper.
okay, Physics also I'm super weak at it, therefore,
Jump off with mr.Mathes too, you Mr.Physics -.-

I can't even do Mathes paper o1, therefore,
Mathes paper o2 can just commit suicide too.

POA paper, are brothers with Mathes & Physics, so I dunt know either.

Biology paper is quite easy too.
But I've forgot about protein thingys D:
Therefore, some questions I didn't know how to do, which is on th front.
But th back are easy as I've studied them :D
And it's th last paper so you go, YAYE! :D

During th exam period, there are other special occasions such as,
Mom's birthday! :D
Which is on o4o5o8 :D
Happy birthday mom!

Stacy's birthday! :D
Which is on o8o5o8(:
I didn't take a picture with her lehy, HAHA! :b

Dad's birthday! :D
Which is on o9o5o8(:
Daddy is acting stupid here, HAHA!

And lastly, Mother's day! :D

Mommy is hyper on that day, HAHA!
I love you mom! x3

Awaiting 14o5o8, me and Sunshine 3rd month(:
Awaiting 17o5o8, T4Es 9th month! :D
Updated :D
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