Random, that feeling is just, just so bad):


Results for my exams sucks like hell luhr):
I am damn friggingly disappointed lahr!
Chinese is th worst of all luhr!
But I passed lahr.


I had a dream, that I'll never forgets.
I was sick,
you asked me whether I'm alright,
You can see from my eyes that I'm not,
You asked me again, and wanted to help me,
I said no need,
but in my heart, you knew it.
I'm still waiting,
for that final moment,
that you will say th words that I can't say.

I have been jumping around to other human's blog,
found out that rippers are starting to be rocking!
I know how it feels when people are ripping your stuffs when you actually thought of them first!
It sucks luhr!
URL, pictures, smilies, style, whatever etc, all RIPPED
Sucks! -.-
Lucky she have not been ripping me, or else I'll kill her! ;x

"All I know about people, they change fast."
I'm sososo believe in that now.
Frankly speaking, I have not been taking you as a friend anymore.
You have freakingly changed so much,
so much til I freakingly dislike you.
People said that it has got to do with family problems,
but that doesn't mean you can vent your angers at us.
You ain't you, NOW
All I can say is,
You're not th friend I used to know anymoree.
Attitude is a small thing,
that made a big difference.
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