I dreamt of you today(:

Hello humans! :D
I've got nothing to blog):
But I have to post before my blog starts to rot & there will be taggers so NOT!
okay, that rhymes, HAHAHA! ;x
Firstly, I wanna thank people who have plugged in my plugboard :D
Thanks yawwww(:
I don't think I will be online today, cause Mom's gonna bring me out :D
It's like finally luhhh.
School's gonna reopen & oh gosh!
I haven even touched my homework(s) & revision(s)! Dang..
okay, so I won't be online around 2.ooPM onwards, so Charlene, better look hereeee! :D
I post this up specially for you, cause I know you're still sleeping! D:
So if you're sleeping, I can't tell you I won't get online):
oh, I forgot, I've got my handphone, my STM is so suckkkkk!
You know, I have not been touching my phone for quite a long time already, you know why readers?
Cause I have forgot that I have already gotten my handphone for like 1 week already!
okay, so random ;x
Since I'm so random, I'll get even more random then ;p
I've watch XIAXUE's videos! She rock lahhh! :D
I've planned on getting my tongue pierce when I have grown up,
but was afraid to get it pierce because I dunno how it goes ;x
& then, that was when, the when when when, I watched XIAXUE uploaded a video having her tongue pierced.
So scary lahhh! & it's so ewww cannnn..
so.. "Next time" things "Next time" then say lahhh ;x
Translation of chinese "以后的是事,以后再讲" HAHAHA! ;x
Humans, Aliens, monsters, keep my tagboard ALIVE! :D
& Hey yay, I've updated! Cheeeers [:
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