Thanks Joanne! ♥

Current mood: Happy!

Yesterday, I recieved Ferrero Rochers from Soo Young even tho I didn't attend the Christmas celebration D:
Haha thanks! & Now it's only left with 4? :B
Once I recieve Ferrero Rochers, the first thing in my mind was AMELIA!
Lols! :B

Today! I got online around 11AM and Joanne send me the editor that I want :D
Yeah, because my AnimationShop editor is kinda lousy :B
& Guess how long was it!? Gosh! It ended around 5PM :o
Me & her was like omgosh! Finally, finally! xD
Thanks alot luh, she have to wait with me for so long D:
Thanks alot! ♥

Amelia wants to help me make a tagboard skin!
I was like omg can! Hahaha!
Amelia is such a helpful person but I just don't get why people spam her blog.
They should just bang their head against the wall and kneel down for forgiveness
So ya Amelia, don't take it to heart okay?
Remember, no crash! No crash okay! :D
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