Bored :(

Many bloggers have stopped blogging/updating since Feb 25.. Especially some of my daily reads Well, life is getting more and more boring and what's even more? SCHOOL LIFE. oh bother

You know what? Actually, there's nothing to update about today, and i'm seriously bored! Someone better talk to me in MSN :(
And thanks pailin!! You've helped me alot, and gave me so much stuffs

I'm gonna play PS soon, realise i've not been updating about PS nowadays?
Because i am dead broke :(
Plus this week items are like so but i'm broke!!
This sucks so bad, huu..

okay, find me in PS or MSN bye.

First guy today is so cute C:
그러나 나는 나가 그를 빨리 잊어서 좋다는 것을 희망한다..
Even tho i really don't wish to! But, it's better this way.
Haha, hello first guy C:
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