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Yay! i finished reading 点心公主! Finally after waiting for 5 months! The ending is nice but i feel kinda sad that 水野 can't be with 七红香!! but of course i hope 大地 will be with 七红香 la
大地, 空, 水野 is like so handsome okay! if only they really exist, i will really love them like crazy
but at least in the end 水野 with 小茜, waa ^______^

i am aiming to read finish "牛奶糖之吻"!!!!
The guy is very handsome and really cool luh how great if all guys are 忠心 to one girl
Well, actually i love all guys in the comics i read, gimme stare whole day also can
Sorry if half of this entry is about comics, because my comic mode is FULL ON now

Was raining heavily today in school! it's really very fun as me and merlyn is like playing hide and seek with the teacher
we were hiding behind the backdoor and the next class, the funny part was when the teacher realise that the class is kinda "empty" she went out to find us and we got "shocked" to see her right infront of our face
OH! and stupid thanesh caught a half dead lizard(with tail still moving) and scaring the girls.. eww, it's so gross

since it's raining, the class is superb cold and i seriously hate the guys in my class, they just keep on-ing the fan even tho they themselves were cold..
Because they're so against us, they don't want to let us get what we want

나는 나가 지금 이렇게 얻었다는 것을 악을 당신을 의 것 피하는 것을 시작하고 있다는 것을 생각한다
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