CCA comp boring post
Did not blog ytd because i was damn tired!
Went to somewhere for the CCA comp and we set up the stall and blahs.
When other schools reached to set up their stalls, they were selling food ya know!
I simply can't resist but in the end, i bought some for myself Haha!
I like the flower arrangement that my other CCA friends did and i just slack with my friends at the back since i don't feel like doing
Then around 3PM, i'm starting to feel sleepy because of the rainy weather and in the end, i just lie my head on the table and slept. LOL!
Well, it's just a short one tho and my school won in the best displayed stall.

ytd, i was so damn pissed off with someone, guess lotsa people alr know when they chatted with me on MSN
I hate it you know! To someone, which you will know i'm refering to you.
If you want fame, i can grant your wish.
No, seriously i can, just TRY ME,
I'm serious okay, so damn pissed off.
Don't bother tagging me asking is it you, it's obvious like duhszxc

Thanks Amelia and Pailin for telling me the cursor host site
With the help from Pailin and instructions from Pauline, i now have cursor in my blog!
Now i gotta solve the problem why my blog suddenly don't have favicons anymore
I'm suppose to have a pink candle favicon beside my blog url.
urgh, why is there so many problem with the hosts now?
And anw, i'll be appearing offline sometimes in MSN, so if you have anthing, just msn me, i might be appearing offline
- for fun.

I've changed my link hovers!
Inspired from pailin and permission asked
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