Stupid KYW!

Haha, i'm back from BRB mode
Met up with Y at her house today and we just chat about her D.
Hahas! I'v got pictures but i'm so lazy to upload plus the phone's flat

Chatted with Qing ytd and she intro-ed me lotsa song and thats when i think PaRaMoRe rock \m/
My blog is again music-less (spare my alien language) because i dont know what song to put
Throw me some songs noooooow

I'm like currently chatting with KOH YEW WEI and he's so sickening >;[
We are twitting like shit sial, and his drawings sucks more than the core! You better go practise your drawing instead of callimg me a pig! Hahahas!
niu wai am i gonna tell yew mai marks! (thats how i freaking twit with him.) LOL!
okay la, enough of this one brain cell idiot >;]

I realised that the cursor host i've hosted my cursor is not working.
so i'm having a really ugly arrow in my blog!
Anyone know another cursor host?
And i miss Pailin! be back soon! ^___^

HEY QING LOOK HERE! *waves waves*
You're gonna be okay from the lalala even though its just a minor lalala!
I'll be throwing lucks all over you >;]
Hahas! only she knows wtheck i'm talking.

And one more thing!
I MISS RACHEL!! i hope i'll bump to her one day again :(
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