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Had MT listening compre today, i'm so angry!!!!
There is one question that i know the answer is C but i dont know wth am i doing and i shade the A box!!! I must be blind!
I was double checking and when i saw that freaking shaded A box, i wanna change the answer but my teacher said she's gonna collect back the papers alr.
I did have time to change it before she comes but i don't know what the hell am i doing and i just pass the freaking paper back to her!!!
I'm sooo angry! I lost my freaking 2 marks!!!!

oh jeeszxc, what am i doing!

Had bio after that and yeah. I'm still angry like of course!
But natsy's funny actions made me laugh like mad... haha ily

she's too crazy about x-men

My best malay friends!

qooloodoo aini!

Then we had recess.
And that's the time i'm angry like mehlaisootopia SHIT!!
And you know what, the next person that said his name to me shall die a terrible death!
I don't care a fucking single shit okay! You all know how much i hate him, knn

But thanks merlyn and natsy again, seriously.. You all really make my school life better, very much

And then we had SS supp, it's freaking boring, i wanna sleep so much
But anw, before the ss supp, the girls exclude merlyn(she went home because she needa see the doctor) were bored so we did this...

The chair would just topple off when someone opens the door
Hahaha, the guys can't believe we were actually doing something that girl's won't do
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