New privated blog!

yup, i decided not to private my blog anymore. Cursing or cheering, i've created another blog

But the thing is it's privated up. I love the blogskin i used inside my private blog, it's simple and neat
Thanks sunshine for the codes

I realised i blog alot inside there.

Sorry for not blogging about my life nowadays because i'm not really, not really, not really in a good mood, haha.
Today's day ain't that well either, but i'm glad it's okay back already after something something okay, i'm going random starting from here....

I'm so lazy to play "Restaurant City" nowadays because i'm kinda busy about some other stuffs.
Merlyn is gonna catch up with me already so i must chiong liao! LOL

I wanna go to Pets Villa!! It's a so called place that keeps abandoned dogs, injured dogs or something like that?
The people are so darn mean to abuse those poor doggies

I'm darn darn jealous of my sister!
She have an angmoh friend in her school!! And my sister made friends with her and they're so fucking close!

So there was once when i was on my way home and i saw her ang moh friend!
She's so drop dead gorgeous! (ok fine, she's only p2) But she's still pretty to me
& Yup, me and my sis are crazy over ang moh and ang moh look-alikes, so ya.

okay, i gotta go, i don't think i'll update that much the next time because i have nothing special to blog you see
I think i'll update more in my private blog tho (((((:
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