My poor specs! :P

oops, sorry for not blogging for 3 days
My life is so boring, being tortured by studies, haizzzz..
And i've been updating in my private blog instead of here, eek..

Anw, thanks to people who followed my blog! It increased by 14 in 3 days!
Thanks followers!

okay, so i'm currently posting without my specs! Yeah, my specs suddenly broke while i was cleaning it..
I went to fix my specs ytd and i'll be collecting it today

It's gonna be in white! And i love white/black specs..
I still remember my very first specs was in dark blue.. and yucks, i know it sucks alot! The second one was the one i love the most! It's in pink & purple and thats my favourite colour combination

Until one day i had PE and a ball hit me and there my specs goes again I then changed to a spec that is darn colourful and my friend said it looked as though it's highlighted with a highlighter
But i like it because it's unique, hehehe..

And so, this highlighted with a highlighter specs broke again while i was cleaning it!!
I'll treat my new white specs properly this time, clumsy me.
Hmm.. wonder should i post my picture after i get back my specs..

okay anw, maybe i'll be locking my cbox soon so if you wanna comment, comment in my post instead.. I still have not decide yet, tatas
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