I cut my fringe and MJ back??

I was late to school today! okay, in fact, this whole week
Because of H1N1, if you're late for school you'll get no late slip... no detention So is that cool or what! Hahahaha!

I'm not really that late though, school is suppose to reach at 0730AM, i reached at 08.15AM... Merlyn reached at 9.30AM+ on tues and wed.. now thats really late... bwahahaha.

I forgot to bring my chinese textbook today again , thats bad because i forgot to bring it ytd too and i have to stand
Well, i'm not the only one though, so it's not really bad..
okay so anyway, i manage to get one chinese textbook from Yuru

Had bio test today, i want to sleep after my paper also cannot..
Mrs Mathews keep disturbing me by calling my name again and again and again...
Lisa... Lisa... Lisa...wake up wake up wake up...

anyway i cut my fringe!
It's still side way fringe just that it's shorter My fringe is so freaking long and wavy so i cut it shorter..

I wonder have any of you heard/saw this..
They said that Michael jackson returned and appeared in a some sort of.. uh.. interview?

Click here to watch

Tell me, do you believe it? well, i don't..
I mean look at it! It's the interviewer's or whoever that guy's shadow!
It's not Michael Jackson.. And the one at the back, they said it's MJ walking to and from.
I think it could be people walking past, i don't think that place has no one there accept the interviewers...

It's my own thinking though, haha..

Pee/Ass: aww, i miss those ang mohs and the American's National Day in Singapore
well.. good things will come to an end..
in the end..
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