So sad about BOF ending!!

Tiring day.
I just reached home at 7.3oPM from school, took a shower and here i am blogging!

Yesterday, 27 July.
First start of the day would go to Amelia!
It's amelia's birthday, my best cyberfriend! Happy birthday!
Her blog is flooded with chocolates, very tempting to eat up her blog, hehe

And so....
I've watched the last episode of Boys over flowers!
Very touching, VERY TOUCHING!!!
I wanna cry not because it's touching but it doesn't end like what i hope for..

Why so less scenes of KIM BUM and Ga Eul??
They should let Jun Pyo scold Yumi!!! That stupid liar!
But frankly speaking, don't you think yumi is kinda pretty too? Especially that night when she played the.. the.. the.. what's that instrument called?
You know, actually i thought jun pyo forgetting Jan di is faked.. I thought he just wanted to scare her

But in the end it's not.. -___-"
And i don't remember seeing kim bum kissing Ga Eul, or are there stamps on my eyes when i was watching?
Is there any? any?
Please comment in this post if there is!! Tell me the episode, i'll go watch it again!
I only remember the one that he ALMOST kissed Ga Eul when suddenly the phone rang.. DANG!
Really very sad about the ending, sighhhhhh...

Natassja's handphone got confiscated by auntie goh.. well, that's the main thing i remembered today..
Auntie goh is so... cold blooded!! (i don't know what word to use actually..)
She should give her a chance since she was caught using the phone for once..
If it's the other guys, all she did was just shout at them to keep the phone.
Then while i said:"Aiya give her a chance lah?"
She told me i'll be NEXT!! why?
For throwing paperballs in the middle of the class.. HAHAHAH!
okay so in the end.. her answer is a straight NO..
Fine fine..

Erm.. Then me and Ziyi went to Sophia's house to study.
But an animal-lover like me, seeing all the pets in her house is unresistable!!
I start to play with her hammies and rat instead.. hehe.

and oh! anyway, while i was surfing the net.. i saw pictures of Ji Hoo!
This is before his haircut..

This is after his haircut!!

I love his "after haircut" look!!!
So damn handsome!!
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