(insert title here)

I don't know what title should i put.

I kinda lost interest in blogging
Well, i'm sure every bloggers have this feeling before! Haha.

Celebrated Ziyin's birthday yesterday.
If i'm not wrong it's in advanced , not really close to him but..
Happy birthday!

Looks like class photo right?
Hahahaha. I don't wanna take pictures actually cause my hair is damn messy
Plus Hewson taking out my clip, as if it's not messy enough!

I've created Twitter, yesterday.
As you can see, it's just right at the sidebar
Anyone wanna explain to me what's the use of "follow me on twitter"?
I don't know what it's gonna help.

I've changed my blog background also.
And maybe some bits and bits of edits around here and there.
My background is edited. It's found nowhere else accept in my PC
My blog column is a little to the right huh? I'll try to edit it asap.

As usual, i've been facebooking, uploading pictures and etcs.
So find me in facebook, i might be onlining there instead of here.
And weird enough, my blog is still maintaining at 1000+ hits.
But i wonder where are those silent readers, comment me instead?

Ending this post with this lovely picture..


Sad enough, depress enough, i cried to sleep for 2 days. That's enough.
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