Awesome.. uh.. works? *UPDATED*

My cousin sent me this email...
Wanna share it with you all since i've got nothing to blog

Awesome toilet

well.. pretty normal huh?
But wait till you sees....


It's made entirely of one-way glass!
No one can see you from the outside, but when you are inside..
It's like sitting in a clear glass box!

would you dare to use the toilet?

Ceiling mural in a smoker's lounge

okay i don't really like this but maybe the smokers would love it
Prepare to die if you're still inhaling those killing smokes

Sky floor

My favourite!!! *okay even though i'm scared of heights but this is amazing!!*

It's painted but it's SO REAL!!!
It's like you're really gonna fall if you step in there

okay i will not be using the com much since i think my computer found some worms that are making my com restarting by its own...

screw this...

Guess what i watched just now? I watched...


This movie is really thrilling!! I was reallyyyy engrossed with it

that i don't even know my sister was talking to me.
But heck, that Esther is really scary!!
Those who have not watched MUST watch..

Listed in one of my favourite show
*I watched using UUsee btw..*
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