Vectoring. *updated*

Hellooooooo~ Just a short post here!

Since i'm kinda bored at home nowadays, so i started to have interest in learning vectoring!
It's pretty fun when you start to know how to use the pen tool
Thanks Miko for helping me when i'm stuck at some steps

Actual piece from tutorial

And mine

I totally gave up on the stalk! I tried for like 15 minutes but still... i can't get the proper shape.
Forgotten to do the shadings for the nectar also. Boohoo

Pretty different from the actual piece. But i like my flower because it's my very first vector!
okay, so i tried vectoring something. As i was chatting with rabbito, i decided to vector a rabbit

The heart is a little out of shape, so ignore that


Thanks to Fanny who informed me about not being able to see my latest post after following my site.
So to anyone who have the same problem, please follow the steps below this post to solve this problem!

Any questions, mail me or tag me.
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