Holiday trash #3 ★ 202 followers ♪

I've reached my 200 followers goal!
okay it's not really a goal hahaha... but thanks ^-^
don't be a silent reader okay, respond respond! :)

thanks a lot for those who comments on my post, and tagging on my board. 감사합니다~~!!

Holidays are ending soon. i'm gonna start school on the 28th, but i'm still on holiday mood. :P
at the same time, i feel like going back to school as well since it's kinda boring at home.

these few days i'm just spazzing over my number one, one and only bias :D
my mum says i'm too crazy over him, oh but i like it, hahaha!


i spent half of my day watching his videos, pictures and icons ❤
NEVER EVER tired of looking at his face, hehe. ^-^
okay so that's basically what i did during my holidays...

actually i need to study. but i can't study without music.
since my earpierce is spoiled, i can't listen to my MP3!!!! without music, i will fall asleep... T_T
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  1. Once holidays end,homework will be piling up like a mountain.I can't sleep late again and wake up late again.Ush.-.-

  2. grats on the followers lisa! ^^
    Wow that guy looks cute hehe :)
    I agree it's boring at home. We do nothing but comp! I also can't study without music. Luckily I got speaker (cos my earphones spoil too).. I fell asleep once when I was studying maths lol.

  3. wow,the guy looks very good looking! ;) and same here me too can´t study without music!

  4. I do think that having 200 followers could be a goal. Congratulations, I am one of them :) I only have like 35 at the moment. Some of them annonymous and some without website. Not good.

    Anyway omg music is a must. I hope you get new headphones.

    So funny that you have a kinda crush in that celebrity. I never had no crushes over celebrities for some reason...

    Btw I replied back to your comment on my blog. Thank you sweetheart.

  5. congrat for your 202 followers Lisaaa:D you're deserve it cause your post are interesting! *thumb ub xD and whoa maybe I will try to watch that drama *kekeke


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