Holiday trash #6 ★ Tragus piercing.

School is starting tomorrow!
goodbye late sleeps...
hello early wakes...

went to woodlands to have another ear piercing, yes even though i know tomorrow is school!

so hopefully they're not gonna catch my ear, or else i'm gonna be forced to take it out. T>T
or maybe i hope it rains, so that we don't have to assemble with so many teachers..

and my hair also.... i still want my brown hair! >_<;

hi tragus piercing

bought other things too, but i'm lazy to take a picture of it.
will blog about it some other day.

so this is the last post of holiday trash(s)! kthxbye.

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  1. I agree with your "goodbye late sleeps...
    hello early wakes..."

  2. Didnt know that you already changed your layout. This is so nice.
    Anyways, how cool is that? You ahve Tragus piercing. and oh goodluck to your school wee (:

    got a new post too (:

  3. Ooh! Hopefully you won't get caught for those uh! I hope it'll rain tomorrow too. Hehe, I'm scared to pierce. ><

  4. LISA :D Ohmy, times flies~
    Tmr is the doom day T-T I have mock exam. Damnit!
    Wow, tragus piercing?
    Is it pain? >< I feel pain for you. *ouch*

  5. Wow. You're so brave! Brown hair + tragus piercing, tomorrow school! :P

  6. haha, yup, will try it nxt time, but my friend say its the same taste as the Tao Kae Noi? Anw, cool piercing u have! but isnt it painful? :S

  7. nice tragus piercing. is it pain? and I like your hair colour. I can't dye my hair, discipline teacher will catch. sigh
    I hope I can graduate soon then I can do whatever I want.

  8. Gawd! You did a lot of piercings on your ears! (> <;;) Is it hurt while they doing the process? (o.o;; ) I only have the normal piercings only (> <;; )

  9. well my school started on July 12th, and aww I'm sorry to hear that your school is started tomorrow :/

    oh btw nice piercing Lisa! :D I hope it won't be forced to take it out :/

    and I like your brown hair :D it's suit you the best (y)

  10. I love ear piercings. They looks so pretty on you. I have 3 in each ear. Aw so sorry to hear that you gotta start school, now you will be very busy :( Anyway good luck with your studies ;)

  11. you got ear piercing? so cool! It looks really good on you ^^ Doesn't it hurt?
    LOL I never had one, ever. o.o

    I'm still on my boring holidays. Oh yea and it's annoying to wake up early. I wonder what waking up early teaches us.

    Nice brown hair :) Good luck for your studies yea!

  12. I never tried piercings T^T I'm scared LOL, even ordinary piercings I don't have =A=
    Brave Lisa *nods nods*


  13. ؛spɹɐƃǝɹ ʇsǝq

    ˙ǝʇısqǝʍ ɹno oʇ oƃ uɐɔ noʎ 'ʇuoɟ ǝnbıun puıɟ oʇ pǝǝu noʎ ɟı
    'ʎɐʍ ǝɥʇ ʎq

    ˙ƃoןq ǝɔıu ɐ ǝʌɐɥ noʎ
    ¡ƃuıʇǝǝɹƃ ɯɹɐʍ ¿noʎ ǝɹɐ ʍoɥ ¡oןןǝɥ

  14. i've never ever tried using piercings T.T
    awww~ hope their not gonna catch you!
    lol enjoy ur school unnie :)

  15. wow i love ur eye piercing

  16. LOVE ur new layout!
    Love ur post!
    Awesome~lisa! ^^

    Good luck wit school!

  17. waaa did it hurt??? D:
    It looks so cute though XD
    hope you don't get caught in school >_<


  18. ohh ... i see ~ Shall try it nxt time ^^

  19. ohmygash! cool! the one on the middle part.. did that hurt? a lot? i have an ear pierce too just like your upper one.

  20. Omygoddd I want a lip piercing unff.
    I so envy your piercing~! >w<

  21. good luck in your prelims exam :)lisa

    From Sin Li :D


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