Lazy busy school days

when I have time to blog: i'm so lazy
When I have a lot to blog: i'm busy

for now, my mind is totally blank :006: i totally forgotten how i spent the past few days... :136:
I only know that I am so super tired everyday!! :069: if i take a nap, i will wake up in the middle of the night... :073:

about the private post, it's back to original now! :001: feels so great, except for my biology teacher :137: those who followed me on my twitter will know why :047::145:
will send the password after this post to those i have not send yet :045: (for the previous post) will not be accepting anymore starting from now :146:

watched this movie called "Who are you" last week :184::185:

Rating: :174: :174: :174:

it's not scary, except for the.... *highlight to read*
except for the part that the monster or ghost or spirit or alien (i don't freaking know what's that!!!) that used the stick and start hitting the ceiling....
it's so freaking scary, i can't imagine if i'm that girl! it'll totally freak me out....

the ending was pretty lame because i don't get it. :091:
I thought i'll have nightmares but luckily i didn't :046:

a random drawing i drew during a talk in school... :158:
btw, alice in wonderland is one of my favourite stories, never tired of it :178: :178: :178:
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  1. omggg!!! that doodle is crazily cuteee!!

  2. "when I have time to blog: i'm so lazy
    When I have a lot to blog: i'm busy"
    IKR! SO IKR!!!
    this happens to me all the time TT

  3. LOL! Your biology teacher followed you on twitter?? I don't know what to do if one of mine follows me there XD I like post rants about school on twitter. HHAHA

  4. aw. i think that's too scary. cute alice. haha

  5. Hiiii long time no see&speak!
    (that movie looks scary to me haha =w=) Reminds me of the movie Tail of Two Sisters~ x

  6. Totally agree with u jie

    when I have time to blog: i'm so lazy
    When I have a lot to blog: i'm busy
    haha..datz lyf x)

    btw cute doodle..love it..keke

  7. LOL I'm starting to think all bio teachers suck and look wierd hahaha =))

  8. ahhh cute doodliee~ :3

    gong xi fa cai ^^ xin nian kuai le lisa!! heehee~ :D

  9. haha thats so cute how i had to highlight to see the text that you hid ^^
    i love alice in wonderland too, i never get tired of reading that story or watching the disney movie, have you seen the newest one? with johnny depp as the madd hatter?


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