New nails

It's my holidays now yay!
Actually I'm not really excited about holidays because I know after a few days I'll be bored of it and wanna go back to school haha.
Unless I'm gonna be going out during my holidays!

Gave my nails some candies again. :-)

It's pinkish golden in colour. So shiny!!!
But I think I will be bored of it soon so I might change it in a few days hahaha.
oh and one weird thing about this nail polish is that it smells fruity.

Shiny pink nails for my toes.
I'm actually typing this post while waiting for them to dry.
Gonna save more money to buy more nail colours because I thought of so many designs but I just don't have the money to buy the colours yet.

okay that's all tata.
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  1. Thanks!! Haha i'm trying to stay positive, you must try too! ♥ :)

    OH i recently bought the Hada Labo SHA Moisturizing Eye Cream! I heard many good reviews about it and i'm using it now hoping to see the results soon!
    Yeahh braces are expensive! Hope i can save up enough for it someday! :D

    Nice nails & cute cursor btw! ;)

  2. Dropping by! ^^



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