My wishlist items

Recently I've been jumping to my past blog's links and I realise so many people quitted blogging or have changed their links and I can't seem to find them anymore!
I hope I'm able to find them again one day.

Most probably I'll blog during the weekends about what I've been doing during the weekdays!
For now there's nothing much because everyday's about projects.
I spent the last few hours just now doing this...

A picture filled with my WISHLIST items!
I was really bored so I decided to do this and blog about it.
Have to admit after not touching photoshop for a really long time my skills of editing have gone down so much that I almost gave up.
I've already ordered one of my wishlist and I'm waiting for it to reach me. I can't wait!

Now gonna tell you guys which yet. I'll blog about it once it reached me.
Excited? SO AM I.

// Rants

Don't you guys hate it whenever you have something and someone would want to have it too?
Let me say it in a different way. EVERYTHING.
Isn't it so annoying when someone wants everything you have?
It's not like one or two but almost everything. I just don't get why some people can't be original?
What's worse is when it's not something they really want. They probably want it just so they can have something you have and not lose to you when they don't have it.
Or they'll purposely get something better than yours just to beat you.
It annoys me so much. Which is why I don't really share what I want or have in real life.
Even if I can't be the only one to own something, at least I'm want to be able to feel special with people around me.

// end

Please entertain me at my askfm! And thank you those who're nice!
Thank you for reading!
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  1. Aaaaww you're so nice sweetheart :D anyway I have same feeling as you do, I want everything >.< and unlimited pocket or wallet!!! :D

  2. Wow your blog is really really cute :D Love the wishlist, I hope you get every item =)

    Thanks for dropping by, hope you do again :D

    Best Wishes,

  3. Hi Lisa! thanks for droppin by at my blog.
    If you want us to follow each other just let me know :))
    You're blog looks so sweet and cute btw <3

    love lots,


  4. i also want the strawberry mickey casing for iphone, the hk wallet! :)

    we should get those. >:D

  5. I love the cat shoes and the iphone case <3

  6. Oh I should write a post like you :D bcos I'm inspired by you!! ^^

  7. Hey Lisa! Nice seeing you back. I've been quite lagging in terms of blogging too...

    To me your wishlist picture shows that your photoshop skills are still great! HAHA..unlike me, it got degraded.

  8. That phone cover is SO cute!

  9. i'm liking the things on your wishlist collage :) i definitely would like to upgrade my purple/black keyboard cover to a PINK one!

    i don't think your photoshop's skills are rusty... it looks pretty pro to me!

  10. umm maybe instead of using photoshop, use polyvore to edit! n.n it's a lot simpler i guess but you have to sign up. it's where i make sets and collages and stuff. it's like reeeeeeally fun :D aha

  11. D'aaaww :3 you're so cute and nice ^^ and yep, I will write about it but that will take a while! :)

  12. Thank you for dropping by on my blog! Your blog's so cute and followed it immediately :) ♥ /kawaiipowers


  13. Hi Lisa!
    it's okay,I didn't really mean exchanging our blogs to follow, it was more of a hypothetical question since you dropped by at my blog.
    but it's okay :)
    see you around!

  14. So you're back! :) I changed my url, but you still found me :)

    Some people are just so envious.

  15. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!

    Love the pink over-the-knee socks!

    Have the best week ever,

  16. Is really annoy when someone want everything you have no doubt but many eople are really sad in lives and are to boring how to find interestings things. That is the reason but I know is pretty annoy.


  17. OMG YOUR LAYOUT IS SO CUTE!!!! and the wishlist!! and and *browsing to the bottom* your hair and nailart is so pretty! thank you for visiting my page =) and i've followed your twitter too if you don't mind XD

  18. I miss the old blogging time too! Haha so much memories! And seeing your new layout brings them back!!

  19. Those black flatforms with
    cats on it are also on my
    About your rants, I don't
    bother or give a care when
    people wants to 'copy'
    or try to beat me. I think
    its pathetic and really
    not worth my energy on
    hating them :P


  20. omg hello Lisa!
    Of course I remember you hahahaha !
    And yes ! I went through an intensive diet ! LOL !
    Your blog is still so cute as always ! :3

  21. I am done blogging about the wish list :3 hope you take a look on my blog :D

  22. well actually, it's a place to make photo collages about fashion, but i guess you can say i'm misusing it HAHAHA here's an example of what i made n.n http://cfc.polyvoreimg.com/cgi/img-set/.sig/PpH1HfYRzFSkMqDoyYAmw/cid/81273136/id/iHnzFr3ERVaEkht0i7wEAA/size/c600x637.jpg

  23. hey, you're back to blogging ヽ(;▽;)ノ so many people left blogger already TT .

  24. Hey guys! I'm having a giveaway on my blog right now, feel free to join =))) Here's the link http://loisbaguio.blogspot.com/2013/05/tolb-x-oasap-giveaway.html (International Giveaway)

  25. Don't worry how people cannot be original, it just means you're above them! :D they will get tired eventually, teehee.

    I felt this before, but I realize that and I don't care anymore. Don't want to waste energy to worry about those ppl who can't be original x)

  26. Such a cute kigurumi!
    Thanks for your stopping by my blog :)


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