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My busy-ness and laziness kicked in again.
It's not really convenient to keep up with blogging for me anymore and there's no motivation to.
I actually update my twitter and instagram more often than visiting blogs.
But I'll still try to update time to time when I have the mood to.
Most probably my posts will be about my instagram photos because that's where I post everything.

Shall post about the things I bought during the time I'm away!
Take it as a shopping haul post.

If you've read my wishlist collage post you'll notice that one of my wishlists is...

Hello Kitty wallet!

I actually love it so so so much!
It took me and my boyfriend a really long time to be able to find the correct wallet that I want.
There are so many wallets that look like this but the inside looks so ew.
Everything's perfect except that it's really easy to get scratches which is really hard to take care of.
BUT! I'm really fine with it because it's just so perfect to me.

Another thing I bought is "Put Your Hands Up Hair Removal Cream"
I've been looking for some hair removal cream for my arms and legs and this packaging was super adorable it caught my attention.
It feels really magical to see the hair being removed but it smells really bad. Something like the smell you smell from hair dyes.
I actually regret using it because it'll make my new hair feel stubby.
Wish there's a hair removal cream that wouldn't make new growth hair prickly sigh.

Another thing I bought that I really really wanna try is..

Neru-Neru-Nerune! (Grape flavoured)
I've seen this on Youtube and I really wanted to try it ever since!
It's actually edible Japanese candy food that's really cool and fun to make. I'm sure everyone know this by now since it's so popular.

Look at that mixture! 
It's pink and purple-lish (I haven't mix it well yet) it looks like unicorn food.
Overall I think it's kinda yummy but superrrr sweet! Those who does not like sweet stuff might not like this.
It also tastes a little like grape flavoured Hi-Chew candy to me, except extra super sweet.
I don't mind trying it again but I mind buying it myself because just like this it's SGD $8.
Pretty pricey.

It's my first time getting badges like these because I never ever know what to use them for.
I won't bear to pin them onto my clothes or bags because the holes will look so ugly.
I think I'll just collect them and hey that could be one of my hobby.

Isn't this necklace so simple and cute!
I'm not really fond of spending money on accessories for a reason but I wanna get a simple necklace just so I won't look weird without something on my neck for some outfits.
Wish I'll be able to get one that says..
"barbie" "mermaid" "princess" "pink" or something like that.

The latest thing I bought is this Hello Kitty paddle brush!
I've been looking for a paddle brush because I have really long hair and paddle brushes are actually healthier for the hair because it'll make your hair smooth after combing long hairs and it also prevent breakage.
Now I can even look cute while combing my hair teehee.

and oh! Lastly, look what my boyfriend got for me!

It's the Mcdonald's Singing Bone Hello Kitty Plushie!
I've been wanting it before it's out on Mcdonalds. The moment the poster is out I told my bf I only wanted the black one.
It was a limited edition toy and hell lots of people went to queue up for it in Singapore.
My boyfriend tried to queue up for me but ended up not being able to get one because it was all sold out.
He didn't wanna disappoint me and tried his best to find by asking everyone. He even sacrificed sleep for that and slept at around 7am.
I'm really so touched that he tried his best to get it for me and kept his promise.

And yes even though he didn't queue up for really long, at least he tried his best to make me smile.
I'm really sick of people trying to compete with my boyfriend and compare everything just to beat him.
I know you competitors wanna win but do know that no matter how much you compete you ain't gonna make me feel less happier than you because I'm happy with what I have and I do not need to compete.
So yeah. I can't be bothered. Really.

Right now I have more items to add into my wishlist but I shall not list it out here yet hehe.
Most probably I'll update it on my Instagram when I have it and when I have free time or the mood to do so I'll blog about it here.
In case you wanna follow my instagram it's @faeriekittyxo
And I've also created a new twitter account for some reason.
Username will be PINKM3RM4ID

okay thanks for reading!
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  1. hello lisa =)
    i also love hello kitty and loving your wallet! i also collect hello kitty stuffs which the others was bought by my bf too! hehe =) spoiled girl!

    good thing you said something about the hair removal cream from etude house, cause i want to try that and just waiting for the stocks here in phils. but then you said you regret using it so i will cross it off my shopping list. =)

    such a sweet boyfriend to make up for the wrong doings. =)))

    apple here

  2. You bought a couple of very cute things! Would you like to join my summer GIVE AWAY party on my blog? That would be awesome! X Anna


  3. Hello there :D wow all the things you bought are so cute! Really jealous! Where did you get them in Singapore? ^____^

  4. omg the hello kitty wallet is so freaking cute!!! :D


  5. Maybe you should try using Veet removal cream! I always use it and it seems quite good! :)

  6. I love that wallet, it's adorable !

  7. Woah *v* all the stuff you got are so pink and cute I love it!
    The one interests me the most is the Neru-neru thingie~ >< I wonder what kind of grape it tastes. Looks like more bubble-gum-ey to me.
    Do you have your summer break? ^^
    Thank you for the wishes~

  8. Hi sweetie!
    You got some really cute & sweet things! :)
    I kindly invite you to join a giveaway held on my blog! Three easy steps & you might find yourself on the winners list! :)

    International giveaway!

  9. Waaaa! So many goodies. I love the dream necklace and that HK wallet is just adorable!

  10. LISAAAA!!! Sorry for really really late reply! I just got back from my holiday with my family this afternoon.
    Of course I still remember you! I'm glad that you still remember me! :"DD

    Hahaha! I also get that kind of feeling feeling, Lisa! Sometimes I get a feeling like no motivation, or there's nothing to update orrrr... when I really want to update something, it's out of date =A=

    And whoa! That's a really cute wallet! If my sister sees it, I'm sure she will be jealous of you! Because she really loves Hello Kitty so much!

    I'm glad that to know that you're having a good relationship with your boyfriend ;D it's kinda rare to find a guy who wants to spend time with us just to go shopping or buy things that we want xD

    I don't know why buttttt... I think stuffs that you bought always look so cute, Lisa xD

    Hope you're having a fantastic day! Stay awesome, my friend! LOVE MORLA <3

  11. My life turns out to be great, Lisa! I'm having a long holiday right now and I'm enjoying every single of it! <3 How about you? I will be waiting for your next post, Lisa! I think I will stick in blogger world for a while xD

  12. All the things you got are very cute (^ω^)
    I don't usually eat sweets but I really like watching nerunerunerune videos on youtube! hahaha

  13. It's alright ^-^ your welcome! whew thank you! btw the Hello Kitty wallet is super cute <3

  14. hi lisa!!!! :D omg i love the things you bought!! D: especially the "why is my blog so sexy" HAHAHAH

  15. Omigawddddd, your haul is ADORABLE! That hello kitty wallet! That "Dream" necklace! Those are super cute! *__* Me want. Right now. <3

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  16. All your things are sooooo cute. the title of your blog suits you very well ;) hihi.

    Thanks for cheering me up btw. <3

  17. gosh those are really cute stuffs! love em'. i wish i have time for shopping :S

  18. Hi Lisa! I've been mia from blogger, but I just saw your posts. (: We have similar wallets!!! The bow on mine is placed more in the corner, but omg it's super cute and the best wallet ever. <3

  19. omg so many cute items~ the hello kitty wallet is adorable!!♡

    (Join my blog International Giveaway ♡! 21 items- lots of Japanese makeup and beauty products including cosmetics from Diamond Beauty, Candydoll, Dollywink, etc!)


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