Mini getaway to chalet

My exams are over Finally I have the time to blog and it's my holidays right now.
After all the draining of my brain juice and memorizing all the notes I can finally sleep in peace and not thinking too much about exams. 
Hopefully I'll be able to pass since I really put in a lot of effort to study.

What really kept me going was the mini getaway with my boyfriend to chalet!
My boyfriend specially booked a 3 day 2 night chalet room for the both of us to relax and enjoy after our exams and I seriously needed it A LOT.

Day :

The chalet room we booked!
The place was really clean and neat compared to the other chalet we went last year. The bad thing about it is that it charges the bbq pit and it's not really that cheap compared to the other chalet which was free.

My boyfriend starting up the bbq pit.

Me taking a selca while my boyfriend is busy setting up everything.
I love bbq-ing but I dislike the slow process of cooking the food hahaha I just don't have that much patience.

I bought this really cute pink lunch box from Daiso last year and it's just the right time to use it because I wanna save money and not spend on paper plates.
I love bbq food omgggg.

So we pretty much spent the remaining day bbq-ing our food and eating while watching the tv.
It was kinda tiring because before that we spent quite a long time travelling here and there to buy our food for bbq.
After buying everything and checking in to our room it was already reaching 5pm.

Day :

Woke up early to have our breakfast at "Just Acia"!
It was my first time trying out this restaurant and the price for the food was really affordable!
There were free flow of drinks and also free ice cream! Been a long time since I last ate ice cream.

Had a cup of hot chocolate while waiting for the food because I was feeling really cold. I was only wearing an oversized shirt (boyfriend's) and my sleeping shorts. I was too lazy to change up to something cute because I wanna feel comfy while eating and I was so hungry I just want my food teehee.

Ate this set which consists of rice, miso soup, teriyaki chicken and soft shell crab.
It was so yummy! But I didn't finish it because it was too much for me BUT they're yummy and my tummy is happy.

My boyfriend chose the set with spicy chicken.

After finishing our meal, FREE ICE CREAM!
I took chocolate chip and rum ice cream! But I ate the chocolate chip ice cream only in the end because my craving for rum ice cream faded so... but the chocolate chip ice cream is yum!

After our yummy breakfast and taking a short break in our room, we went to...

Wild Wild Wet!
omg I miss going there! I've been wanting to go to www with my boyfriend because I think it'll be so fun and also a great chance to bond relationships.

Took this picture of how the water themepark will look like. Everything is so tiny they're so cute!
We didn't try all of them though because I'm too scared to give them a try. Maybe next time when I have the guts hehe.

A selca after our www! Bought this really cute hot pink bikini and matching it with a long white top because I'm too shy to not wear anything over it.
My hair is a mess but I really enjoyed myself so much!

Cooked the remaining food for our dinner and yes a few were burnt but they still taste okay!

Day (last day):

Woke up really early to prepare packing everything and it's time to drop the key and check out. I will really miss the time we spent there!

A random cat we saw. While we were bbq-ing on the second day, this cat's kittens were around us and hinting us to give them food teehee so adorable.

Last picture before leaving chalet.
Was wearing my new creamy mami top that I bought and I love it so much!

It's the end of our mini getaway to chalet and even though it's a short period of time we both really enjoyed ourselves and I'm so happy that my boyfriend planned this for us.
I can't wait for our next getaway once we save up our money!
And also, our second anniversary and boyfriend's birthday is coming! I can't wait for them to reach soon because I know it'll be another day to celebrate something happy and important.
Thank you for the happy times bb.
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  1. You look great, this looks amazing! X Anna


  2. I guess we both had our exams just recently. Hoping for the best! :) I do think I need a getaway too. With all those brain straining activities. HAHA.

    God bless Lisa!

  3. Omgg that's so cute of your boyf! ^__^ Seem like you enjoyed the trip alot. So jealous! :P

  4. What a wonderful time you've had! Glad you got to relax and enjoy after the exams.

  5. It's great that your boyfriend and you could enjoy these days together!
    Your Creamy Mami T-shirt is very cute \(^o^)/

  6. Woooow~! The food. Everything looks yummy :) I am glad you're able to have fun after your exams :>

    New follower here~! Follow back on GFC?:>

  7. the last time i went wasn't too good maybe old already not so fun anymore :S


  8. Looked so fun! I miss to have getaway with bf too ;( it's been ages since we met.

  9. Look like you had a lot of fun ^^ The food looks so delicious *_* You look so cute!

  10. i think i died in happiness reading ur post >.< =^.^=

  11. That food looks soooo GOOD !! >~<
    And the best part would definitely have to be the free ice cream - especially choc chip ice cream YUM!

    I've never heard of wild wild wet before but seems like you had amazing time ^_^



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