Tutorial: How to open circle lens vials

When I received my contact lens in a vial, it reminded me of the first time I tried opening them and it was a real struggle.
So I've decided to blog about a tutorial on how to open these contact lens vials to help those who have no idea on how to open them!
I might not be 100% correct but this is how I usually open it~

Step 1: Find the little ^ arrow
You should be able to find it on the metal part as circled!

Step 2: Lift up the cap
You can use a tweezer to stick it into the cap and pulling it upwards. You can also use your fingers to do that but using a tweezer will be safer.
DO NOT use your teeth!! The first time I had long nails so I didn't want to break them and totally didn't think of tweezers so I used my teeth to open them instead. It worked but it'll be risky since you might cut yourself.

You'll be able to see this metal thing attached to the cap:

Step 3: Slowly peel it towards the side
If you do it properly by managing to peel it towards the side, the whole metal thing will come right off. But if you're clumsy like me you'll end up peeling the whole cap off without the remaining metal part.

Like this:

Don't worry and just move to step 4.

Step 4: Use a tweezer to pull
You can either use a tweezer to just pull it following the arrows in one direction all the way OR pull one side first then the other side in the opposite direction. Whichever that's easier for you.

Step 5: Lift the white cap up and you're done!

It'll be harder the first few times but after awhile it'll be easier.
Hope this post helps and remember to be careful~

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  1. I always struggle with these (and feel really dumb for not thinking about tweezers all these times) so I guess this is just perfect for anyone who's still desperate, super clumsy (like me) or new to the whole contacts-thing. The tutorial itself looks super adorable and is really helpful. ♡

  2. Thanks for this tutorial! Although I don't use lenses, I always have trouble opening something else though LOL

    Jessie @ bijou-heart


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