Review: Dolly Eye Lathae Grey

Hello! c:
I've been sick the past few days but luckily it's my holidays now so I get to rest at home! Since I was resting at home and have nothing to do, I'll be blogging about a new lens called "Dolly Eye Lathae Grey" sponsored by Uniqso!

(I really need to get new falsies ; - ;)

The envelope was nicely packaged in bubble wrap including the vials inside to prevent any damages from water or tear etc so it's really safe!
Inside the box will be the vials and they also provide a case for your lens! I squealed a little when I saw the case because omg it's in my favourite shade of pink *-*

I ordered these lenses on the 21/05 and received them on the 27/05 which only took 6 days for it to reach me! The seller was very nice and friendly too c: Fast delivery + friendly service is an A+!

Product Specification:
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 38%
Lifespan: 12 months

I really love the pattern of the lenses omg. It reminds me of the marble's swirls, really pretty! It is also natural looking since the color of the grey is not very harsh and vibrant. If you have brown eyes like mine they'll blend really well that you can't really see my real eye colour!
In certain lighting they might show up a little more to black because of my eye color. 

No discomfort! They sit in place and they felt like nothing on my eyes. I might even forget that I'm wearing lenses since there was really no discomfort.

Enlargement was great in the comparison photo! Even though these were 14.5mm they felt pretty much the same as 15mm that gives a really obvious enlargement. I have really small pupils and these really help to enlarge them heh.

Had a hard time taking a proper picture of my face since I'm still feeling a little unwell. ; - ; 

You can get the lenses here!
You can also use the discount code "sushimoe" to get 10% off your order if you purchase from uniqso!~

Uniqso is currently having a buy 2 get 1 free promotion! So don't miss it out and make use of this deal!
Click on the picture below for more info! 

Alright that is all for the review!! I'll be posting another one tomorrow since I was too tired to take more pictures for the other one ; - ; 
Stay tuned and thank you for reading~

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  1. These lenses look so great.
    I love their design and color... really makes me want to get my hands on new lenses as well.
    I hope you can spend your holidays well and won't be bothered by by another sickness. :3

  2. I find this really great lenses Maybe you want to a f4f? would be happy. =)


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