Review: Silk Choco & SIO 3 Color Lizzy Blue

Hello I'm back with a new review again!
This time I'll be reviewing on Silk Choco and Sio 3 Color Lizzy Blue from Klenspop!

The packaging came in a really pretty box that was nicely bubble-wrapped! There are instructions on the back of the box and also a leaflet regarding information and steps on how to wear contact lenses! Very useful especially to those who are new to wearing circle lenses.

It also comes with a case for you to store your lenses and a tweezer! I love the tweezer they provided as I have long nails and this helps to avoid damaging my lenses while picking them! Extra hygiene as well!
These lenses took about 1 or 2 weeks to reach me, duration varies on your location!

Diameter: 14.2mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.6mm
Base Curve: 8.8mm
Water Content: 38%
Lifespan: 6 months

I think these lenses look really really natural! They are kind of similar to my current favourite natural lenses, Maxlook SCL 23 C-Brown! The difference would be these are in a lighter brown and it is exactly the same colour as my eyes.
I love how soft they look and how it blends in extremely well. I think this pair compliments brown eyes a lot especially russet/nut brown eyes.
They help to make you look more awake as well.

They are quite comfortable but because of the hazy weather in my country right now, it became a little uncomfortable near to the end. But before stepping out of my house they're fine to me!

They do enlarge in a decently small amount! Definitely a little size difference can be seen if you look at the comparison picture. Perfect for people who dislike enlargement lenses and want a natural look~ 

I honestly love how it is so similar to my eye colour! My sister did not realize that I was wearing lenses because they are that natural. I've worn them twice when I was lazy and just need a little "pick-me-up" for my eyes! Would really recommend this with light and soft make up, just like those popular make up style in korea! (I tried in those pictures c:)

• soft looking
• very very natural! (depending on eye colour)
• suitable for daily wear and lazy days
• blends well
• suitable for those who like soft korean make up looks

• subtle enlargement

You can check out their page and find Silk Choco at Klenspop!

Next lenses to be reviewed will be:

Diameter: 14.2mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.6mm
Base Curve: 8.7mm
Water Content: 45%
Lifespan: 6 months

I was so excited when I took the lenses out of the vials, just look at those colours! A mixture of dark blue, light blue and purple, they're extremely pretty looking! These are actually my first pair of blue lenses and I was afraid of them looking weirdly on me but surprisingly, they look decent!
They might not look very natural under sunlight because of the colours but then again, they don't look too outstanding that make it look too unnatural.
The colours are less obvious as you step indoors but still a little pop of blue can be seen.

Very very comfortable! These are made in silicone hydrogel lens which is rich in water content and allow more oxygen to pass through. I can definitely feel the difference as I put on these lenses! They help to block UV rays as you step out of the house as well because of its strong UV blocking.
I really love lenses made of this material! They make my eyes feel really comfortable and I don't feel the need to keep them moist with eye drops. 

They make a really good enlargement despite the graphic size of only 13.6mm all thanks to the black-rim around the outer lens! Lenses with black rim give off a really enlarging effect, making your eyes look extra dolly! These sure do make my eyes look bigger and pretty. c:

I would say they don't disappoint me in terms of the design and enlargement! It took me quite some time to put on these lenses because I was admiring the beautiful colours. I think these would look good for cosplays. I am very pleased with my first pair of blue lenses! 

• beautiful beautiful colours!
• colours still shine through when indoors
• enlarging effect
• gives off dolly look
• suitable for cosplays
• made of silicone hydrogel
• extremely comfortable material

• nothing to me!

You can check out their page and find Sio 3 Color Lizzy Blue at Klenspop!

Thank you so much to anyone taking the time to read my reviews!
I'll see you again for the next one~
I have a few post ideas coming up, leave me a comment if you have any post requests!
See ya cuties~

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  1. Both of the lenses look pretty on you! ^_^
    I also have the Sio 3 Color lenses- they're really nice!
    Love your blog! Followed you~

  2. I love both colors~!


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