Review: Sunglasses TSG6505 in Black

Hello! Klenspop kindly sent me a pair of sunglasses to review so I'll be blogging about TSG6505 in the colour black! There are also other colours as well that you can check it out on their page!

It came with a case for you to store your glasses and also a cloth for you to clean them!
The quality of the case is really good as it is thick and sturdy, no worries about damages to your glasses and it fits perfectly so there won't be any pressure on them when you close the case~

These glasses contain UV400 coating which provides 99% UV protection!

They look a little big on me but it is good in a way since there will be more parts of my eyes being protected by the glasses! Too much sunlight can actually cause wrinkles around your eyes and these sure help to cover up my eyes well eheh.

One thing I really love about these sunglasses is that my eyelashes don't touch the lens of the glasses at all! Girls with glasses will definitely understand this pain whenever we wear makeup and try to blink.
But for this, they were really comfortable when worn since there is a distance between my eyes and the lenses!
I really really love this point!

They stayed well on my head too hehe.

I think they're really comfortable to wear and actually block sunlight really well! I tried looking out the window and my eyes don't hurt at all, good job in protecting my eyes against the sun!
The material is sturdy and not flimsy at all so I think the quality is really really nice at such an affordable price~

You can check out and purchase them from here!
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  1. The sunglasses looks so good on you! Do they provide prescription sunglasses on Klenspop?
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

  2. @Jessie Senpai: Thank you! ;u; and sorry they don't :c


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