First day of school! :D

It's the first day of school!
All schoolers drag this day!!
Meetup with T4E♥ as usual, I reached first! *claps* okay, cause I'm always the last to come :/ HAHA!
Then Ziyi♥ reached & she gave me this cute wallet for me that she bought from China :D

Then soon after, the rest came & we walked to school.
Changed time-table & changed mathes teacher, should I be happy or what? or what..
okay, VV.
After school, meetup with T4E♥ again, as usual to walk/bus back home.
Bused to Sembawang & accompanied Ziyi♥ to Aries to buy her hairclips, & I've bought a mirror! *This is my dunno no. what mirror already :S*

Lollipop Mirror!♥

Then trained to Yishun to meet with Charlene♥ [:
Went to Minitoons first to buy my handphone strap & Charlene♥ wanted to buy tgt with me the Ez-link's back sticker :D

My Ez-link's back sticker :D *Not so clear]:* I still haven decide whether should I put my new Ez-link's back sticker or not D:
& it's not PINK D:

The pink Handphone Strap that I've bought :D

Me & Charlene♥ bought sweets too but didn't have time to enjoy them):
Charlene♥, you know why! D:
Then we went MAC to have our Lunch cum dinner..

Mine! I know I eat very less ;x

Charlene♥'s one! xD

Then we gtg already, Charlene♥, you know why! D:
But before I go, we went to the toilet & took one pict of us >3<

Charlene♥ on the left & me on the right! :D

okay, yes, I looked weird in uniform & my hair is very messy!
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