New button! :D

Yay! I've made 2 button(:
No, not 1oo% made by me, but the animations & etcs :D
If you really like that button, go to LOVECANDIED :D
But you will not find the actual one there for the first one, cause I have edited the colours :D
If you really really want the lighter pink version, kindly leave a tag & I will send to you ASAP :D
But always remember to credit(:
For the second one, you will not be able to find the actual either cause I've changed the mushroom to ribbon.
Will be plugging my button to other bloggers soon :D
You dunt have to delete my old one, it's up to you lahh :D

I have also update my blog by putting cute tiny pictures to decorate my blog.
Hope my blog won't go lag because of too many animations! D:
Made my own banner at the top of blog too.
Nice anot? I felt that my blog is quite plain tho D:
Haha, but nvrm lahh, that make unique-ness [:
No one, NO ONE is suppose to have EXACTLY the same blog as mine, cause I didn't share it with anyone.
Neither am I a blogskinner :/
Even tho I wish I was, but my this standard still not good enough to make blogskin for people
oh wells, end of post! :D

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