Current mood: Down.

You will know it one day-

Phew, I'm so lazy to blog nowadays D:
Feeling so down nowadays & I dont seemed to know why.
I feel so moodless, & dont feel like concentrating on studies T~T
My class is like so noisy, they dont seemed to care about others trying to study.
Had Mathes supplementary today, they're noisy again, as usual.
I thought of not attending Mathes sup, but after knowing MR.T is not coming,
I went instead.
Sat beside Liyana♥ today :D
Quite okay with mathes, Liyana♥ understands more already too(:
After supplementary, me & Ziyi♥ accompanied Liyana♥ to take bus859 to Yishun :D
Saw my sister o.- , I was like, wth! My sister went to Northpoint without telling me!
She's really getting bad to worst x.x
Bused home with sissy then home sweet home.
* I must understand geography man! *


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