Current mood: Better.

Hmm, I'm feeling better now :D
I laughed so much today xD Thanks to Sohpia♥,Sann♥ & Azaria♥.(:
Had Floral CCA today, didn't really did much, just have to paste the sticker one the paper bags xD
After pasting, we chatted all the way :D.
Many things mentioned! Don't wna state it here cause it's damn stupid lah! xD
This is a secret between us :x.
I laughed so much today, really damn muchhhh.
Even tho they don't know that I'm down this few days, thankq so much for today :D
Really make my day better ^-^
then, Azaria♥ want to go back first as me & Sophia♥ wanted to accompany Sann♥ for ST.JOHNS :D.
*Sorry for making you walk back home alone! x.x*
We chat & chat more & more, many things to scribble out xD
Accompanied Sann♥ till 6.3oPM & we bused home(:

My Auntie came back from China!
I miss my baby cousin! ^~^ Didn't take pictures of them as I'm busy playing with them xD
Hope to take pictures of them on Sunday when they will come & visit my house again :D.
oh yah, & thanks JOANNE for the font link :D
I guess there's nothing else for me to update xD
It have been so long ever since last I have updated a long post xD
Hmm, end of post, goodbye readers! :D

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