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Relinked Agnes
Next birthday coming up, Ayumii 17o8o8

Haha! Just finished Eesuan's survey! :D
At the part on what's my worst fear, I am suppose to find ghost & cockroaches pictures.
You see, I am scared of them so how am I suppose to search for their pictures? D:
Haha! So I purposely search for "Casper The Friendly Ghost* Haha! & For cockroaches, damn it :x
I search for cute cockroaches & the first page of the result showed me a cockroach dead on the ground, climbing on the walls & etc!!
My hair all stand okay! oh god, I'm lucky to find until a cute one ><" If not I wouldn't dare to go in to my blog anymore! Haha! &And, last time I really thought of being a teacher, but.. Ask my brain.
Haha! So, actually, I do not know what I wna be :p

oh ya! & Chantal lost in the American Next Top Model D:
Sad lahhh ! D:
Picture of Chantal & Saleisha :D



oh wells, Saleisha is also a pretty & talented model :D
& She look a lil like Rihanna right? :x
To me lahhhh :D
Just kinda sad that Chantal didn't win(:
& yeap, I already knew that Chantal will lose cause this is a repeated show :D
But, I still like Chantal.
Hope you will continue to pursue for your passion of modelling! :D
All the best!(:
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