Current mood: Apart, gone.

I love you, but..

You're gone.

I'm bored so I created a cute animation :D
1oo% Made by me! :D No ripping! >:D
I was late for school today.. yeah):
Didn't attend for P.E today, cause I'm lazy to! D:
Phobia for Volleyballs already D:
So me, Ziyi & Liyan chatted all the way :D

Went for detention today, which is my second time already T^T.
After Detention, went to library to find Ziyi who is friendstering :p
I wonder what's so nice about friendster nowadays =>=
Then I book a comp to do my Book promotion :D
Liyan was there too, & her paper got stucked in the printer while she was printing out her stuffs xD
Funny like hell lahhhhh!! xD
While doing BP, stupid Yew Wei keep disturbing me! D:
Act want to help me eh? :p
Purposely wna suan me only! :x
Hahas! Stupid Yew Wei :p Bleahhhhhh!!

Walked to Sembawang MRT then trained home :D
Ziyi accompanied me to NTUC to stock up tibits :D
Hahas! Will be eating my favourite BBQ-ed Lay soon!
Despite me having sore throat :p
I'm only worried for my BP which is on Wednesday D:
& Mummy will be back tmr! Midnight! I can't waaaaaait!! :D:D

Readers, dont forget to tag! :D
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