Current mood: Depressed.

I pour all my love to you.

I heart heart heart, heart heart heart, heart heart HEART that picture :D
oh yah, ignore my Vampire Teeth!! But I like it, hahas!
okay, you might think I'm crazy to blog even tho I said blogging currently stopped, blahblahblah.
I can't bear to leave my blog lah, so xim tia.
hooked, die die.
I love my blog song, even tho I dont know what it means, I bet it's a sad song :D
okay, I love sad songs, but nice ones, not slow ones :b
Hahas! xD

Burnt all the 'things' with mummy downstairs just now cause tmr hell gates are closing.
Lemme tell you all sthg, it's my first doing all these okay! Damn excited lahhh xD
Mummy bought one set, inside consist of Hell notes, clothes, gold, food & etc..
Got my favourite biscuit leh! D:
I almost steal it, haha! Jk lahhh! xD
But I really want leh): *Hint Hint* Hahas!
Wished a few wishings then started burning, Hope everything will come true ^-^
okay anyway, its damn hot man, but very fun, cause first time! Hahas!! xD
Hope you have fun brothers, takecare(:

I want to go out leh, go study, go shopping, go slack, anything also can! I dont want to stay at home, zz.
okay, I changed my mind, I want to go study!! :D
Quick, jio me out nowwwww!! Hahas!
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