Current mood: Revealed.

The answer that I want to know,

is revealed):

Ahhhhhh! EOY is coming D:
So I'm not gna post often already, blogging currently stopped.
Will update maybe on the days when I meet up with friends for revisions :D
But most probably wont lahhh.
Because really must study harder already T^T.

oh ya! I did a FAQ below my tagboard,
look at it & dont do it okay!
See before you ask anything(:
& If I'm away from blogging, dear spammers,
dont spam I tell you!
You dare spam, I dare BAN!


Dont even think of ripping, sucker.Tagged all alffiliates, some didn't cause not very close to them.
Dont even think of ripping, sucker.Removed a number of affiliates, those who changed link without telling me & those who I seldom visits.
Dont even think of ripping, sucker.NEW section "FOR YOUR INFO", include MSN, FRIENDSTER, my current mood & FAQ which is Frequently Asked Questions.
Dont even think of ripping, sucker.Won Fourth prize in piggy's contest, hehehs!
Dont even think of ripping, sucker. Found new website containing cute stuffs! *HAPPY!!*
Dont even think of ripping, sucker. Uploaded music in my blog :D *Turn on your speakers now!*
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