Had fun with Sann & Sophia today :D

Current mood: Funny, miss you.

Common test2 is over! But now, we students of Sec3 will have to grrrrrr for our results D:
okay, vv.
After school, Sann♥ told me that she wna stay back cause her mom will be back late, bused to Sembawang then to Mc to makan :D Was finding seats then we saw Lili♥, Xiaoli♥ & Chunyong♥ :D Seat with them & chatted all the way while eating xD I laugh until like shit manszxc! I think we're the noisiest among the people there xD Then while eating halfway, a boy came to wash his hands, then he starts to play the water -.-
I shouted at him "oi boy! Dont play water lah!"
He turned but ignored me -.-
This type of people, grrrr.. But he got his retribution lah :D
*Wink wink* xD

Lili♥ they all went off first & me, Sann♥ & Soph♥ went to a place, dont know what it's called lah xD
Play until damn high loh! Eh eh, exams over already okie(;
What you waiting for? Have fun lah! :D
okay, I siao already xD
It's a long way, but we chat & chat & soon after, we've reached :D
let the picture(s) says everything! xD

Sann♥ & Me♥ & Soph♥ :D

yah, I know I very short, ROAR!

Candid shot by Soph♥ xD

Haha! Taken by Soph♥ again xD

Fav shot for today :D

My hair today is so messy :/
I'm like a mad person xD Was so thirsty so we went to Mc again to buy drink xD
Saw.. .. Kah wei? Kai wei? I dunt know how to spell his name lah! xD
But anyway, saw him at Mc also, when we bought our drink & wanted to train home, he suddenly called me just to say "Bye."
Haha! So cute lah he xD
Trained home & end of this school week :D
oh yah, SUNDAY is Me & my T4E♥♥♥'s big day leh! :D
Wanted to celebrate it TODAY cause Sat & Sun, Sann♥ cannot go):
But then Ziyi♥ said she can't go cause she need to go back home to help her mom to burn the ... thingy.
So I guess we'll be celebrating it on the one week hols :D
So damn excited(;
&AND! Justyn♥ say she still remember me okay!
I thought she will forget me after she transfered school):
I MUST meetup with her one day :D

I ♥ my friends like freaking million plus one!
Superb extra loves;
Everyone hear what you say,
friends listen to what you say,
but BESTFRIENDS♥ listen to what you dont say.
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