Yo! Updates for today :D
Went for Chinese supp today, very bored!
& I think I dropped my chinese alot):
Sad lah! Really must buck up in everything x.x
After Chinese sup, went to Mc to have my breakfast, chatted with Ziyi & as usual, say about ourselves. Hahas!

After that, wanted to go to the library as I said in my previous post, but was cancelled in the end cause I'm just too lazy :p
So we decided to walk arnd instead :D
Went to somewhere near the so called 'Sembawang Park' to slack :D
Then we went to one block, which is so special!
At the 3rd floor, there's a park & a playground, so relaxing okay! :D
Me & Ziyi chatted there & slept, hahas!
The weather is so freaking cool that we fall asleep xD Weird eh?
Then it suddenly rained & we just ran arnd kicking puddles & etc xD
We're acting immature but at least, we're having fun.
Took pictures but will be posting up some only cause mainly its me thats zipaiing xD

I asked for Azaria the Show/hide code & she helped me to figure it out :D
What I'm so touched was that she never even give up about the codes, damn touched lah ^^
Normally, when you asked your friends for help, does any ONE will keep helping until they gotta shut off the comp? I'VE GOT ONE! :D
Hahas! I ♥ YOU lah Azaria! :D

-Please dont ask from me, to avoid plagarismFug off rippers

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