Thanks Agnes! :D

Let my love,

Lead you the way.

I anyhow crack my brains to take this picture xD
As you see, I crazy over taking pictures whenever I'm bored :/
You know, I'm damn slow leh!
Now then I know about a superb way of ripping people's blog codes.
Ahhhhhh! What am I going to do! My blog's in danger T.T
I tell you rippers, you dare to rip, I will really rip your body apart hor!
Watched too much Happy Tree Friends already, hahas!!
I really spend a very long time doing this blogskin, this blog is not nice, very ugly one, dont rip hor DD:

Chatted with Agnes just now, topics of what we both experienced before xD
Hahas! & She gave me the link of a Japanese website's item which I spent damn long to get in! Brain cells dying D:
Thanks a bunch!♥ :D
Dont pester me or her to get in please ... :B

I'm gonna add smilies for my tagboard :D
Kept those smilies for quite long, the more I looked at it, the more I wna use!
What keep me hesitating was because of lameo rippers :/
It's really very cute! Even tho it's not 'new'
Enjoy using not ripping!Rip & I'll rip you!


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