Rippers sucks :\

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Phew, wanted to blog ytd but too late already so shall update today then xD
Ytd, I didn't know what's the difference between Freedomain and Blogger,
so I decided to give it a try to sign up for Freedomain and was stucked at "Target URL" (People with Fredomain should know what is it xD). & So after several tries and helps from Azaria♥, I manage to create an account :\
I thought that Freedomain would not get to view sources that easily but in the end, it's still the same as Blogspot as it give away the blogspot URL ==
Bahhh~, forget about it ..

A little note to people who have added me in MSN, if you wna ask me a few questions I wouldn't mind.. But NOT asking tons of questions as if I owe you :\ Kindly know your limits :)
& Please do not go and click on all of my alffiliates to tell them to intro to you or call them to visit you! What's really fustrating was to pok around their business or whatever.. one of my friends has already complained to me & it's really very irritating! Nowadays, people are really getting out of hand! Please dont go click on every of my ALFFILIATES! Irritating! ==

Alrights, enough of rantings above, tired of it already ==
People added you in MSN, started to talk to you nicely, then ask you millions of questions. Somemore from my blog seh, my blog's code is strictly not distributable! Pissed off manszxc.
Pheww~ There's something that I have realise ytd, hope to reduce the number of misunderstandings between bloggers :)


I was bored ytd so I signed in to my cbox account to check on tagger's IPs.
Some people who were different taggers tagged my blog and I realise that their UP address is the same.
Around 2oo7, I was "IP checking" and realise that Azaria's and Ray's IP address is the same.
And the spammer in Leora's tagboard is also the same IP address as me :\
Some passerby's IP address is also the same as other of my alffiliates who have tagged me. Therefore, to people's blog who have been spammed, if you happen to check the IP address and realise it's one of your friend, there is a Possibility that it might not be your friend. Like I said, POSSIBILITY.
So do not 1oo%ly trust CBOX.WS IP ADDRESS CHECK.

Back to normal blogging :)
I've watched one show that have got to do with football xD
I seriously hate football lahh~ But this show will not let you regret!
The best football show I've ever watched in my life! :D
It's touching + exciting + funny! Recommended! :D
After this show, I've learn not to insult "white" people anymore, it's really very hurting.
Yueling asked me out to church today, but sorry.. I really cannot make it lahh D: Some other days okay? And do meet up ASAP! I've got so much to tell you! :B Hahas!

Remember to tag with your link if I didn't link you while tagging :)
Because if I do not have your link, you can't get your replied tag back in your blog D:
So, remember! Bye♥
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