Woodlands library, book reviewing!

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I'm here to update as what I've said in my previous post :D
Meet with A & Z at Yishun top lift first cause it's easier to spot each other xD
A's dressing today look so kiddy! Hahas!
So we train-ed to Woodlands then to the library to do Book Review.
one funny part was, you know that libary can't use handphones right? I totally forgotten about it!
So I didn't put silent mode and suddenly, a librarian came to check around.. My phone was left there lying so I prayed that the librarian wont come to me & talk prawns & lobsters xD
I go "Phew" when she walk away but then suddenly, my phone ringed! Full blast volume somemore seh! *Great timing*
I quickly hang up and it's so damn paiseh lah :\
But no worries, my ringtone is nice! LOL.
CLICK! Look at the messy-ness we've done!

Hahas! Then after Book review-ing, we went to eat fries somewhere outside the library & camwhored :D

Reach home arnd 6.3oPM and here I am updating! :D
Bahhh~ Photobucket load so long :(

*Dear rippers, I'll love you if you dont copy my show/hide* :)


Happy 1 month Candystick!
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