Back :]

Current mood: Excited.

okay, I'm back :D
Because I'm just too bored without blogging :(
I've got good and bad news.
Now, which do you want to hear first?! of course good news lahhh~ xD
okay. The good news is.. *Drumroll pleaseszxcc*
I'm going to Thailand on 17th November till 13th Dec :D
Which is a prox of one month :)

& The bad news is.. *Remember to grab a box of tissues*
I will not be able to flood comments to S & A on their birthday D:
Bahhh~ :(
& I will not be able to update for a prox of ONE MONTH!!
Ahhhhh! I must clean up my blog lehhh~ Cause confirm got alot of spiderwebs one :(
okay, lame. Just entertaining myself xD
Therefore, I will NOT to joining any contests if it's on November & December only..
A note to people who are hosting contests :D
Dont worry, I will definately update before the day I'm off to Thailand :)
okay, I know I'm kiasu to post this as it's only September :B
Aiyahhh~ People excited mah :D *Points at above's current mood*
Hahas! I want to study lehhh~
But kinda lazy :B
once I open my book you will see zzz(s)..
Quick! Splash me with a bucket of water or zap me with electricity to keep me awake!
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