MBs buys in Pet Society

Current Mood: Broke :(
Yes, broke in both real life and PS.

I went to Yueling's house today :D
Got back around 6.45PM.
Reached home and guess what?
I was Pet-Society-ing again! Hahas!
I bought 2 Royal Sparkling Fruit Juice since new year is coming xD
one for my pet Poopoo and one for Amelia's Chocoxbaby :)
ohoh! And a Blue Plastic Watch for her too.
I plan to let my pet have RSFJ on o1-o1-o9 :D
And.. I bought my fav Mystery Boxes!
2 CMB and 1 MB

I got this for the first CMB

Second CMB, I like this gold balloon!

The only MB

Huuhuu, I damn sadded man! When I first logged in PS, and went to Clothes shop, my face was..
Huuhuu, the santa hat is gone!
I want my santa hat, huuhuu..
I planned to buy it today but now it's gone.
of all times..
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