New Blogskin! :D

Current Mood: Damn happy!

Yeah! I've finally finish making my blog! Phew, damn tired now T-T
But it's kinda off in ff, so it's best viewed is IE.
Please please view my blog with IE! Hahas! xD
Thanks to Joanne and Wendy for the helps!
I think without them, I would have fainted infront of the computer screen and give up T~T
I recieved some gifts from my cyberfriends for NY :D
Can't wait for NY man, I want to spend money $~$
不能不能不能, 不能没有钱!~

From Wendy

From Xiaorene

From Fannie

From Fangmin

From Agnes

From Miko

From Steph

Thanks alot! ^__^
Actually, I recieved one from Baoling, but I forgot to save the link D:
So Baoling, if you're see-ing this post, send me the link again :D
Waa, everyone's making NY banners, but I've got no brain juices to do so
Wait till I have ideas then I'll make one for my close friends :D

My mother will be back from overseas today! :D
& I think I have to wash away my black nails in case she sees it
She'll probably says I look like a witch or something

I have not played Pet Society today, bah!
pet society-ing now!

I played Hotel626 from Steph's blog today with Joanne :)
I called my sister to played with me as I was scared D: okay, not scared, but damn scared okay! :'(
okay, I played along with her until the part which we had to take pictures of "The girl who live in the darkness". My sis failed alot of times and end up with "try again" or "skip"
So I told her I wanna give a try, I did failed quite a number of times
In the end, my sister manage to take a picture of her, her big face, her stupid face, her scary face! My heart stopped for a second and thats the time that I quit touching the mouse
I grab whatever I see to cover my eyes, I'm really damn scared I'm so lucky I have such a brave sister, she played the whole game!
Hahas! Don't want to be a spoiler, go check it out yourself
Have "fun"!
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