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I love my destop! I surfed the net and found a web that have sets of destop icons so i decided to use it and replace those ugly icons
Will be going to mum's friend house later on.

Went to the Arts House for Art Exhibition- SPAIN SEVENTEEN.
We floral people will have to help out with the decorations and stuffs We had lots of fun, long day but no pictures because we're too busy to take one!
Anw, when we reach the Art House, i sat on LEE KUAN YEW's chair!!
Well, it used to be a "meeting place" for the ministers so yeah.
It's really cool! The front rows have name labeled on them, so we all snatched Lee Kuan Yew's seat and we would go Lee Kuan Yew Lee Kuan Yew!! LOL.

Helped the whole day and the performance or whatever which started at 7.00PM. I love the catwalk done by our school's students!
But i'm not happy with the winner!! I thought yuhui, vivian or amelinah will win but in the end it's not!
Tired day and i reached home around 9.30PM.

I'm so busy these few days and next friday i have to skip school again for cca.
So do the next 2 fridays. Will not be updating often already
From today onwards, tags would be replied to their respective blogs to those who leave their bloglinks, those without will be replied in tagboard.
Bye! ♥

Thanks wendy for giving me the items in ps so that i can have a shopping spree ^^
Thanks Kimverly for being there while i was feeling a lil moody, thanks people ^^

Any one have any valentine's day fonts?
Fonts that are pictures, anything thats linked with Valentines :D

10 more days.
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