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"9 more days"


Went to my mum's friend house, well all i could say was BORING.
I forgot to bring my handphone so I wasn't able to SMS
At least i get to eat pizza at night! After that, home sweet home and bed sweet bed

My sister said she wants to go East Coast Park with my auntie today, i'm still wondering should i follow along
Will be changing my navi styles sooon because i found many people with the same style as mine. Not only that, my tickboxes and back, refresh, forward code urgh, nvrm. It'll just make their blog uglier because it's not their creation!!

I can't wait to eat my laksa!! My grandmother is making now and my sis is helping out with the Won ton and then..

Sis: walao, i like to eat but i don't like to make!!
Grandmother: Don't be so lazy!
Me: My turn my turn! I like to eat but i don't like to wait!! Jessie faster lah! (Jessie is my sis's name anw)
Grandmother: You're even worst!!

Thank you Cile for helping me something! You know what I'm talking about!

Some people add me in MSN but they did not even talk to me or something.
Which is kinda irritating It's like, add for fun eh?
Some added me to ask tons of questions, if you're thinking of that then don't add me!!
Some added me just to say hi
Some very superb long nvr talk to me but after decades they finally talk to me! WHY? Because want to ask me something
So ya, if people miraculously suddenly talk to you, you will know what they want. *Wink*

*Will be removing/deleting some soon, hoohaa!*
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