Hello hah :D

Long time didn't post, I was damn busy with some other things, sorry readers!
Guess I'll get online lesser than before? Will update around Fri-Sun when I have time :)
Went to Northpoint today with P, A and S, shopped around & we bought "Teleband" & clip :D
Then MRT-ed to Woodlands with S :)
We just did window shopping, haha! Then mac-ed with her, chatted with her with lotsa stuff
MRT-ed back home and I.. *drumrollszxc*

I sign in into PS and as usual, messages and presents flooding everywhere
I love people who give me presents man! :B
When Poopoo open the gifts given by her friends, guess what I recieved?
PRINCESS BED and a JUKEBOX given by Wendy!
I love her and her room so much lah! Pinkness overflow

I gave my Poopoo a new look! Yellow strike on the forehead and the ears changed :)
Look cuter than before!

PS added so many cute furnis!
I'm so in love with them! But then, I'm broke D:
Hope I can faster save enough money for it before it's gone like the SANTA HAT!! Huuhuu..

P/S: Updated Poopoo's navi! :D
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