Imma Pet Society addict!

Haha, what else can I update other than Pet Society?

Before it's gone like the santa hat!
Before it's gone like the Santa Hat!
Before it's gone like the SANTA HAT!!!

Nooooouuuuuu! I got my Santa Hat! I got my SANTA HAT! ^__^
I know it's not christmas , I know christmas is over, I know I'm slow, but I always wanted it when I sign up for Pet Society Application
All thanks to Siangtiing! Oh! And I recieve some other gifts related to christmas also
  • Santa Boots
  • Santa Coat
  • Santa Hat!

    But I have not let my pet wear my christmas hat yet, because I dressed her up as a student
    NOW, Pet Society have new items which are soo cute! Check them out in EMBs

    oh! My "Go green!" room is gone, I changed it into a small "dungeon". Hopefully I spelled it correctly
    And I LIKE THE CAFE!!! Now you're able to buy things in there, but I only manage to buy pink mug and pink cup.. The rest are too ex for me.

    Will update more later on because I'm still Pet Society-ing!!
    Catch me! *Runs*
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