I had Ceramic CCA ytd, Linjin can't make it so Natassja accompanied me.
Thankq Nat! ^__^
After Ceramic CCA, board 859 then 811 then went back home to sleep, tired man.

I went to Sentosa today after so many years! Not for fun but for the flower thingie competition
Well, overall, I had fun! I'll let the pictures do the talking and sorry for posting up so many random pictures! And sorry if it lags your whole comp

My fav. one, not my school lah.
I love the waves there, haha. Just some random photos. Shakirah's keychain.

So after the long day in Sentosa, finally, we can go home!
gah! I'm beat.
Anyway, this is just a random photo of a rainbow on my finger while on the way back home waiting for bus

Random photos of me and my sis when I reached home.. Haha!

omg, did I just post about my life instead of pet Society?

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