Ytd's was YEW ZHIYING's birthday so Happy Birthday 'sister'!
Well, he's a guy but somehow, i called him sister lah, and he agreed! *Laughs

Happy Birthday Suhartika! My best malay friend!
I got nagged by my geog teacher today during morning assembly, eeeek!!
I already knew i would get nagged by her because of my stupid test
I told her i don't wanna take back the test paper because it'll just make me hate geog
I find the way of teaching mathes class today sucks!!
It's so primary school!
It makes no sense!!
It's so, so.. BULLSHIT!!!
You know what Mr.Tay? You can just make it to -100, i don't care
No, seriously i dont! Go ahead!! Hor liyan?
And what else? Yeah, my POA! I can't balance it and we have to be in a rush when the teacher came late!! I can't believe i didn't faint today.
oh yea, i'm alive.
Kicking and typing my post here!

You can ignore this part because i think only Nur Liyana Obama understands this XD
This crazy friend of mine die die wants to know who i like
But sadly, only Faz knows and i believe she won't tell you!!
So give up Liyana!! She gave up! officially on 16-Feb-2009 7.53PM.
Liyana, you wouldn't know, forever
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